Violinists of the Early Twentieth Century

This page is devoted to the artists of the violin who were active at the beginning of the twentieth century. At that period of time, the art of playing the violin was at its most variegated and exciting, the national styles still at their full and undiluted force while at the same time the world was technologically advanced enough to allow the sounds they made to be heard across the globe on early acetate recordings and in their tours, which covered many countries in both the old and new worlds. This page contains short biographies of each violinist followed by a discussion of their playing technique and style.

It is difficult to limit oneself in writing about these players; such was their originality that there is hardly a one that does not positively beg for a full- length biography. Server space necessitates, however, that the selection be kept to a reasonable number. Therefore, I have had to limit myself by selecting not more than one representing each prominent national school, and omitting some of the younger artists whose stature would otherwise justify their inclusion (e.g. Menuhin and Heifetz).

Without further ado, the Artists:

Joseph Joachim

Fritz Kreisler

Jan Kubelik

Pablo de Sarasate

Maud Powell

Eugene Ysa˙e

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